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  • Shrimp with Melted Cheese, Delightfully Filling with Richness Shrimp with Melted Cheese, Delightfully Filling with Richness Jul 19, 2024
    Delightfully Filling with Richness Green Fresh Group, with its profound understanding of food science and infinite reverence for natural ingredients, harnesses the power of hydrocolloids—such as carrageenan, konjac gum, and agar—to create an unprecedented brilliance in the solution for Shrimp Fillet with Cheese Sausage Solution. Crispy and tender, a gift from the ocean: Through meticulous cooking and full integration with Green New products, the shrimp has become crispy and tender, carrying the gentleness and power of the waves, finally presenting itself on your plate in the most elegant manner. Fragrant with cheese, a hymn to dairy: "Exercising ingenuity, prioritizing quality" is the principle behind Green Fresh application solution. Green New products not only provide better cheese bursting effects for the cheese-filled shrimp sausages but also enhance the overall texture without compromising the original taste of the ingredients. A symphony of flavors, the fusion of art: Delicious shrimp combined with rich cheese creates a perfect harmony of creamy indulgence, surprising bursts, and fresh sweetness. In the realm of taste, Green New and you jointly witness a revolutionary leap. Learn more? Welcome to contact us!
  • A Functional Jelly application from Green Fresh is here! A Functional Jelly application from Green Fresh is here! Feb 01, 2024
    A Functional Jelly application from Green Fresh is here! Boys and girls: This time the jelly is different from before Ah?? What do you mean? Green Fresh Group launched: Functional jelly application You can carry this delicious and nutritious jelly in your pocket, and eat it anytime, anywhere Normally, health supplements are often taken in the form of capsules Now, you no longer need to take them like you’re taking medicine! It is a kind of jelly application that can satisfies cravings and maintains health Come and get it together~ DHA Jelly Product Features ·No peculiar smell ·DHA content 100mg/20g ·20g per stick of jelly, 1 stick of jelly can meet the daily intake Collagen Peptide Jelly Product Features ·Elastic texture ·No sugar, reduce the burden on stomach ·10% content of collagen peptide ·20g per stick of jelly, 2-3 sticks of jelly can meet the daily intake In the afternoon tea time How can a cup of tea be enough? It will be better with a Functional jelly application from Green Fresh More applications are waiting for your enquiry! Welcome to contact us~
  • Delicious Beef Slices From Green Fresh Delicious Beef Slices From Green Fresh Jan 18, 2024
    Delicious Beef Slices From Green Fresh In winter, sit around the fire, come to a meat-eating party with friends Boil a piece of spicy beef slices, take a sip of cola What a winter joy and great satisfaction is! Fresh beef tenderloin combined with deep spicy spices Improve the mouthfeel of meat products And the taste of Spicy beef slices is tender and smooth Green Fresh Group can offer you: Water retention solutions of pre-made meat Let’s get to know it~ Spicy beef slices Product Features ·Tender and chewy texture ·Significantly increase the yield rate of rolled meat slices, and reduce the cooking loss rate ·It has a certain improvement effect on suppressing peculiar smell and increasing freeze-thaw stability Have a pot of soup, take a bite of spicy beef What's rolling in the pot is not only slices of meat, but also the joy of life Green Fresh Group can provide you with more customized solutions! Welcome to contact us~
  • Green Fresh Best Wishes for You Green Fresh Best Wishes for You Jan 01, 2024
    Green Fresh Best Wishes for You Three years of COVID-19 It's like pressing the accelerator button for time It’s already 2024 in the blink of an eye What are your New Year wishes for 2024? Get rich overnight? All the best in your work? Health and happiness? …… Green Fresh's wishes in the new year: We can continue to be partners. And we can provide to you with customized solutions! Green Fresh Products Application Soft candy Product Feature ●Cost-effective ●Chewy and soft texture ●Good acid-resistance Jelly Product Feature ●reducing the risk of choking ●Good flavor release ●Good acid resistance, it can add in different types of acidic juice Seasoned Steak Product Feature ●Reduce costs ●Improve water retention ●Improve taste and increase yield rate More application are waiting for your enquiry! Green Fresh will work with you to develop together in 2024~ Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year. What are your wishes for the new year? Welcome to contact us!
  • Green Fresh Celebrate Winter Solstice with You Green Fresh Celebrate Winter Solstice with You Dec 22, 2023
    Green Fresh Celebrate Winter Solstice with You Winter solstice is one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms. The taste of winter solstice is the soft, glutinous and delicious of southern Chinese sweet dumplings. It’s also the tender and juicy taste of northern Chinese dumplings. In fact, they can all evoke the taste of home. Green Fresh Group can provide you with an exclusive Juicy Stuffing Solution. On the longest day of darkness, we will send you the warmth of winter! Juicy Stuffing Solution Product Features · Reduce the stuffing costs · Keep the meat tender and smooth · Improve taste and soup content of the stuffing Green Fresh Group wish you: Happy winter solstice! Happy family! Blessings are all putted in delicious food, and all the good things will come to you. Have you eaten Chinese sweet dumplings/Chinese dumplings today?
  • An exclusive jam solution from Greenfresh Dec 15, 2023
    An exclusive jam solution from Greenfresh In the slowly rising temperature of the pot, snow-white sugar and fresh fruits merge into one. Stir with a wooden spoon, let the air be filled with fruity fragrance and love for life... Greenfresh provide a customized Jam Application for you. Flavored jam Product Features ●Full-flavored ●Refreshing taste ●with a fleshy feeling ●good water retention ●contain plenty of vitamins ●tastes soft, sour, and sweet When you take a sip, the fiber, sweetness and sourness of the pulp will bloom in your mouth. It’s your good breakfast partner that can give you endless aftertaste! Greenfresh Group can provide you with customized solutions to meet your diverse needs.
  • غرواني مائية خضراء طازجة غرواني مائية خضراء طازجة Jun 20, 2022
    غرواني مائية خضراء طازجة   مثلو. اللون بشكل عام مسحوق أبيض أو أصفر فاتح ، عديم الرائحة والمذاق. يتمتع الكاراجينان بقابلية جيدة للذوبان في الماء ، ويمكن إذابته تمامًا عند 80C لتشكيل هلام قابل للانعكاس حرارياً ، أي ، يتم تسخين الجل ليذوب في محلول ، ويمكن تشكيل الجل عند تبريد المحلول.   اجار اجار ال الاسم العلمي اجار عبارة عن مادة غروانية محبة للماء ، وهي متوفرة في شكل مسحوق وشرائط. إنه غير قابل للذوبان في الماء البارد وقابل للذوبان في الماء الساخن بسهولة. يتراوح لون أجار من الأبيض إلى الأصفر الفاتح ، مع ملمس هلامي ، عديم الرائحة أو رائحة بحرية طفيفة. أدرجت إدارة الغذاء والدواء الأمريكية أجار كمنتج آمن معترف به عمومًا (GRAS).   KONJAC GUM / دقيق كونجاك (الاسم اللاتيني: Amorphophallus konjac) هو نبات من جنس Amorphophallus و Araceae ونبات عشبي معمر. صمغ konjac هو هلام أميلوز عالي الجزيئات مستخرج من درنات أنواع مختلفة من konjacs. المكون الرئيسي هو جلوكومانان (KGM). تحتوي صمغ كونجاك على ألياف غنية قابلة للأكل قابلة للذوبان في الماء وعناصر دقيقة و 16 حمض أميني وهي منخفضة الحرارة ومنخفضة البروتين وقليلة الدهون.  

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