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A Functional Jelly application from Green Fresh is here!

Feb 01, 2024

A Functional Jelly application from Green Fresh is here!

Boys and girls:

This time the jelly is different from before

Ah?? What do you mean?

Green Fresh Group launched:

Functional jelly application

You can carry this delicious and nutritious jelly in your pocket,

and eat it anytime, anywhere

Normally, health supplements are often taken in the form of capsules

Now, you no longer need to take them like youre taking medicine!

It is a kind of jelly application that can satisfies cravings and maintains health

Come and get it together~

DHA Jelly

Product Features

·No peculiar smell

·DHA content 100mg/20g

·20g per stick of jelly, 1 stick of jelly can meet the daily intake

Collagen Peptide Jelly

Product Features

·Elastic texture

·No sugar, reduce the burden on stomach

·10% content of collagen peptide

·20g per stick of jelly, 2-3 sticks of jelly can meet the daily intake

In the afternoon tea time

How can a cup of tea be enough?

It will be better with a Functional jelly application from Green Fresh

More applications are waiting for your enquiry!

Welcome to contact us~

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ترك رسالة
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الجمعة 11/25: 9 صباحًا - 10 مساءً
من السبت 11/26 إلى الأحد 11/27: 10 صباحًا - 7 مساءً
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