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Delicious Beef Slices From Green Fresh

Jan 18, 2024

Delicious Beef Slices From Green Fresh

In winter, sit around the fire,

come to a meat-eating party with friends

Boil a piece of spicy beef slices, take a sip of cola

What a winter joy and great satisfaction is!

Fresh beef tenderloin combined with deep spicy spices

Improve the mouthfeel of meat products

And the taste of Spicy beef slices is tender and smooth

Green Fresh Group can offer you:

Water retention solutions of pre-made meat

Let’s get to know it~

Spicy beef slices

Product Features

·Tender and chewy texture

·Significantly increase the yield rate of rolled meat slices,

and reduce the cooking loss rate

·It has a certain improvement effect on suppressing peculiar smell

and increasing freeze-thaw stability

Have a pot of soup, take a bite of spicy beef

What's rolling in the pot is not only slices of meat, but also the joy of life

Green Fresh Group can provide you with more customized solutions!

Welcome to contact us~

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من السبت 11/26 إلى الأحد 11/27: 10 صباحًا - 7 مساءً
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